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Interim Listings

Summer’s com­ing to a close, and the next round of Brook­lyn Rail list­ings won’t be up for a while. So here’s some things you might want to catch between now and Labor Day: August 24, Cor­nelia Street Cafe: Dave Ull­mann’ release show for his new disc Cor­duroy. An inter­est­ing and groovy jazz con­cept album, com­ing out of(…)

Henry Threadgill Zooid at the Village Vanguard

In my lat­est arti­cle for the Brook­lyn Rail, I lamented how the cost of liv­ing in New York City had dri­ven out a lot of exper­i­men­tal musi­cians and put a lot of small venues out of business—the result being that sum­mer­time, which thirty years ago was burst­ing with sur­prises and dis­cov­er­ies every night, is now(…)

House of Guitars of Horrors

… You west­ern New York State peo­ple might know what the title means, for every­one else, there’s this. And for all of you, it’s Dither Quar­tets 2013 Extrav­a­ganza! Sat­ur­day, Octo­ber 26, in the semi-industrial wilds of Gowanus Loft, 61 9th Street (i.e. right down my street), 7:00 pm to mid­night. $8 gets you in to(…)

Video of the Week

Speak­ing of sax­o­phones, inter­vals, Steve Lacy and such:

The Grand Tour

  Last night I had the plea­sure of enjoy­ing the mel­low and rich sound of the cor­netto and sack­butt ensem­ble, the Dark Horse Con­sort, in the com­pany of Rem­brandt. In Gallery 634 of the Met­ro­pol­i­tan Museum of Art I sat in a chair while Rem­brandt hung from the wall, a small but cer­tain smile slowly(…)

Video of the Week

City Opera brings Anna Nicole to BAM, open­ing September 17.

More Zorn

One of the plea­sures of liv­ing is grow­ing into one­self, and find­ing that deep sat­is­fac­tion of enjoy­ing oth­ers grow­ing into them­selves. That’s why I’m approach­ing this month’s John Zorn @ 60 con­certs with so much excite­ment. I believe the first time I heard him was in 1984, on the great Gan­ryu Island disc, and his(…)

Things to Do While Going Out of Your Mind With the Heat

If you can’t enjoy the clas­sic bour­geois plea­sures of a coun­try house and/or for­eign travel when the sun rushes down at you and the ozone makes your throat ache, you can at least dream the dream in real­ity, so to speak. My friends at have cre­ated a new ver­sion of their mobile app, dedicated(…)

I Aggregate Myself

A few more thou­sand words scat­tered across the inter-tubes, a new col­lec­tion of links (try­ing to do my part to make it eas­ier for the NSA to spy on inso­lent anti-authoritarians like myself): Read about how Shit is Fucked Up and Bull­shit, Rebecca Lazier chore­o­graph­ing Fred Rzewski Reviews of the Attacca Quar­tet and Jenny Q.(…)

The Dude Ambles By

John Adams, City Noir, Gus­tavo Dudamel & the Los Ange­les Phil­har­monic Gus­tav Mahler, Sym­phony No. 9, Gus­tavo Dudamel & the Los Ange­les Phil­har­monic Gus­tavo Dudamel & the Los Ange­les Phil­har­monic, Avery Fisher Hall: March 27, 2013; John Adams, The Gost­pel Accord­ing to the Other Mary March 28, 2013; Claude Vivier, Zipangu, Claude Debussy, La Mer, Igor(…)