In Case You Missed It

Liveblogging from last night’s CONTACT! concert here and here.  And now that eMusic has a whole new set of recordings, they also have my recommendations on the Pavarotti oeuvre.

CONTACT! Live Blogging; "Songs From Solomon's Garden"

9:27PM . . .  Schaefer and Gilbert are speaking prior to this last piece, with text in Hebrew from the Megillah . . . the great Thomas Hampson singing for the premier, Pintscher must be ecstatic . . . I would be; man-crush on Hampson is totally acceptable . . . Hampson even taller than(…)

CONTACT! Live Blogging; "Detailed Instructions"

8:36PM – As the musicians change for the Muhly piece, John Schaefer has a few words on stage with Magnus Lindberg . . . Lindberg is talking about the importance and legacy of what he calls the “sinfonietta” world, which is essentially the chamber orchestra, colorful but small ensembles, cheaper to run, flexible, great for(…)

CONTACT! Live Blogging; "These Particular Circumstances"

8:13PM – Concertmaster takes the stage, ensemble tunes . . . Gilbert takes a bow . . . and we’re off . . . . . . Briefly clangorous opening gesture, followed by quiet little turns in the winds, like Lutoslawski’s ad lib music . . . music builds to some brief moments both of(…)

CONTACT! Live Blogging, 1

Nicely mixed crowd, young and old coming in.  Haven’t spotted any of my fellow cranks . . . er, critics tonight.  There’s more Andriessen at Carnegie tonight, of course.  I had been planning on attending the Andriessen concert at Zankel Saturday night, but then this happened: But that’s what us live bloggers are for, to(…)

CONTACT! Live Blogging: Prelude

Ensconced in a cozy balcony seat, watching people file in. . . About fifteen minutes until the stated curtain time. . . Musicians warming up onstage include harp, vibes, clarinet, bassoon and cello. . . no way to know what they are playing, but I keep hearing fragments of what sounds like Le Sacre du(…)

Adventurers Of The Intertubes

The second set of the New York Philharmonic’s CONTACT! series is going on this Friday and Saturday, and so it’s time once again to point out the interesting and imaginative things they are doing to develop new music, new audiences and new media. As teasers, the Phil has a set of videos of those involved,(…)

New Music New York

I saw the New York Philharmonic’s CONTACT! concert Saturday night at the Metropolitan Museum and will have a review of it soon at MusicWeb International’s Seen and Heard (the holidays do slow down the publication process a bit), but can say in brief that it was impressive all around, and you can hear it for(…)