Looking Back

On 2013, and some mem­o­ries from 2012 …. Trends are for the peo­ple who man­u­fac­ture, pack­age and sell pop music, my expe­ri­ence is sub­jected and lim­ited to the things that I see and hear. Some of these expe­ri­ences I chose actively, so there’s a fur­ther self-selected qual­ity involved, oth­ers are things that cross my desk and(…)

Michael Ludwig, Live in Concert

Every­one who lis­tens to any kind of music, no mat­ter how expe­ri­enced and knowl­edge­able, has a ‘who dat?’ moment when they first see or hear some­one com­pletely new, espe­cially on a small label with a band or ensem­ble that has noth­ing more than a local rep­u­ta­tion. That was my feel­ing when I received this disk(…)

Dvorak: Symphony No. 8, Symphonic Variations

An absolutely stel­lar live record­ing. Sir Charles Mack­er­ras was a mas­ter in this reper­toire (as he was with Janacek, and Mozart operas and sym­phonies, and so many other music). The con­duc­tor died in 2010, after a career that spanned record­ings from the 78 to CD era, and this posthu­mous release came out last year. Curiously,(…)