Looking Back

On 2013, and some memories from 2012 …. Trends are for the people who manufacture, package and sell pop music, my experience is subjected and limited to the things that I see and hear. Some of these experiences I chose actively, so there’s a further self-selected quality involved, others are things that cross my desk(…)

Michael Ludwig, Live in Concert

Everyone who listens to any kind of music, no matter how experienced and knowledgeable, has a ‘who dat?’ moment when they first see or hear someone completely new, especially on a small label with a band or ensemble that has nothing more than a local reputation. That was my feeling when I received this disk(…)

Dvorak: Symphony No. 8, Symphonic Variations

An absolutely stellar live recording. Sir Charles Mackerras was a master in this repertoire (as he was with Janacek, and Mozart operas and symphonies, and so many other music). The conductor died in 2010, after a career that spanned recordings from the 78 to CD era, and this posthumous release came out last year. Curiously,(…)