Elliott Sharp

Making September Tracks

Rail Tracks, the pod­cast of the Brook­lyn Rail music sec­tion, is up for Sep­tem­ber: we talk about the com­ing sea­son with Melissa Smey of Miller The­atre, Thomas Craw­ford, the con­duc­tor of the Amer­i­can Clas­si­cal Orches­tra, Limor Tomer at the Met­ro­pol­i­tan Museum, and Elliott Sharp stops in to describe his opera on Wal­ter Benjamin’s last moments(…)

Playlist, Late Fall Releases

Elliott Sharp Aggre­gat Quin­tet: as good as last year’s great Aggre­gat trio album, but more so. The Soviet Expe­ri­ence, Vol­ume 4, Paci­fica String Quar­tet: this fin­ished up their Shostakovich cycle, which has been great, and this set in par­tic­u­lar is pow­er­ful, one of the best clas­si­cal releases of the year. Bartók and Kodály: The Com­plete String Quartets,(…)

In Your Own Home!

That’s right, you too can have Elliott Sharp in your very own home! For the low, low price of $1,000 coin for a pri­vate con­cert! Too much? Then scrape together $10, or any­thing else you’ve got, so he can record “Proof of Erdös” and com­plete his (hope­fully) upcom­ing CD From Corlear’s Hook on Stark­land records.(…)

Best Music 2012: Outside-The-Lines

There are times when you put a CD into your com­puter to rip it into iTunes, and it shows up in your library as the genre Unclas­si­fi­able. The data­bases behind iTunes are pop ori­ented so they’re eas­ily con­fused by some­thing that might need an artist and a com­poser in the tables. But there are times(…)

Voting Often

If not early enough for some edi­tors … One of the polls I take part in an annual one for the Span­ish site El Intruso, and since it cov­ers a cross-genre range of cre­ative music it’s one of my favorites (and also since it is made up of a pretty tiny pool of crit­ics, my(…)

Jazz of the Year 2012

Once again Rhap­sody is going to be host­ing the annual poll of jazz crit­ics that Fran­cis Davis has been orga­niz­ing for the pre­vi­ous six years, and I have voted in it for the third year run­ning (results will be pub­lished Jan­u­ary). Here’s the bal­lot I gave him, plus more. The nature of the list is(…)

Review: Elliott Sharp Trio, Aggregat

< p>This record has a glee­ful, genial mad­ness about it. It’s not the spawn of insan­ity, it’s the sen­sa­tion of watch­ing an auto­di­dact demol­ish con­ven­tional wis­dom and show the beauty and genius of what can be done by fol­low­ing one’s own path. Sharp’s bril­liance as a musi­cian has an obvi­ous force but is unique and therefore(…)

Cabinet of Curiosities

The tin­ker­ing under the hood con­tin­ues (it seems like it will never end, but it will, I promise, I think I’ve solved all my tech­ni­cal issues), and the music con­tin­ues, so have some Fri­day links and mis­cel­lany: ‘“After tax, that’s like, what, $75,000?” an invest­ment banker at a rival firm said as he con­tem­plated Morgan(…)

2011 Year’s Best Musical Events

The best musi­cal events of the year, from operas, to exper­i­men­tal music of all kinds, and 9/11 commemorations.

Forgotten New York

There was enough sense of dis­or­ga­ni­za­tion, real or imag­ined, so that the music that was in the clubs, on tapes, avail­able at the New Music Dis­tri­b­u­tion Ser­vice or the old Lunch For Your Ears, had a sur­prise to it, the feel­ing that the cats just hap­pened to turn the cor­ner of Avenue C and hey, what’s going on, we got this gig, you want to play too? … While other musi­cians with roots in the down­town scene have gone on to build con­glom­er­a­tions based in glib­ness, increas­ingly self-referential, ges­tural and jejune, on Abstrac­tion Dis­trac­tion, Sharp has done, almost casu­ally, what many oth­ers try and do with great effort and never quite suc­ceed at; he’s made a record of truly abstract funk, all by him­self, using elec­tron­ics to sup­port his impres­sive tenor and soprano sax playing.