Evan Ziporyn

This Week, 25 October 2010

Where I’ll be, where I wish I’ll be, where you might want to be: Tuesday October 26: Le Poisson Rouge to see Steve Lehman’s Octet.  Some of the smartest, toughest, musically sophisticated, interesting and exciting jazz being made these days. Wednesday October 27: R. Murray Schafer opens this year’s Ear To The Earth Festival (a(…)

Stranger In A Strange Land

In the 1930’s, Canadian composer Colin McPhee lived for the most part in Indonesia, mainly on the islands of Bali and Java, where he studied and transcribed gamelan music. Although obscure to the general public and even to much of the classical world, his studies and the ways in which he incorporated the traditional music(…)

Go See: Brooklyn 2010-11 And More

A lot of what I see and recommend is in Manhattan because that’s where some great performing organizations and venues are. But too much of Manhattan is stuck permanently in the 1980s, with cock-of-the-walk financial and real estate types running things, and running them into the ground. Brooklyn is great on its own, and by(…)

Composer Marathon

The Bang on a Can marathon has a real festival approach to music, presenting jazz, traditional and modern performing traditions, and also composers. There’s as much variety among these names: Fitkin, Perich, Xenakis and Ziporyn. The terrific student Face The Music group played Fitkin’s “Mesh,” an enjoyable piece of post-Minimalist instrumental pop; it smoothest off(…)