George Steel

The Test of Time

If George Steel had said “I told you so” at the press event announc­ing the New York City Opera 2012–13 sea­son, I don’t think any­one would have begrudged him. Of course, he’s far too charm­ing, smart and gra­cious for that. But what he did say had the same effect: that the com­pany was on track(…)

The Troubles With Opera

… It’s bad enough the com­pany has such severe finan­cial prob­lems that they threaten dis­in­te­gra­tion. It’s worse that these prob­lems were caused by sup­posed lovers of opera and are now being exac­er­bated by peo­ple who should know bet­ter, who should know what opera is yet instead demand their “Opera,” in all it’s trap­pings, a course that would surely sink the com­pany as quickly as a gold bar placed on a balsa wood raft…


My inter­view with New York City Opera’s Artis­tic Direc­tor George Steel is up at Clas­si­cal TV, give it a look.  I can­not over­state how great it is to have City Opera back and Steel in charge.  It’s a com­pany that places the most empha­sis on the works, not on the stars and gala trap­pings of(…)