Hardy Jackson, American Citizen There is political art, and there is art that is political. The former is art whose raison d’être is to make an argument about how society should be ordered or governed, the latter is art that has ideas and concerns beyond the political, but that has a content or context that(…)

"All On Mardi Gras Day" and "Wish Someone Would Care"

The season finale of “Treme“ is tonight, the last two episodes have prepared the story for the kind of anything that David Simon’s shows have pioneered, the anything of life going on, regardless of what happens to individuals. The last shot of the last episode of season four of “The Wire,” the intersection outside Bunny’s(…)

"Shallow Water, Oh Mama" and "Smoke My Peace Pipe"

Catching up with Treme just in time for a new episode tonight … … but before any discussion of specific things in the last two episodes, being away from writing about it for a few weeks has me seeing the larger picture. The way the show has been written is really musical in the sense(…)

"At The Foot Of Canal Street"

The latest episode of Treme was back to a purposeful form after the drift of the previous one.  I’ve focussed on the character of Sonny before, because he has been an irritating cipher, but now we’ve gotten some important details about who and what he is and where he’s going; he’s a poseur and a(…)

"Meet De Boys On The Battlefront"

This second episode of Treme felt like a bit of a let down from the opening one, for one specific reason, the appearance of the street musicians Sonny and Annie.  Their two scenes were odd and seemed misplaced and even superfluous.  There may be a reason for them, yet unclear, but they seem pointless.  Sonny(…)