Hardy Jack­son, Amer­i­can Cit­i­zen There is polit­i­cal art, and there is art that is polit­i­cal. The for­mer is art whose rai­son d’être is to make an argu­ment about how soci­ety should be ordered or gov­erned, the lat­ter is art that has ideas and con­cerns beyond the polit­i­cal, but that has a con­tent or con­text that(…)

All On Mardi Gras Day” and “Wish Someone Would Care”

The sea­son finale of “Treme” is tonight, the last two episodes have pre­pared the story for the kind of any­thing that David Simon’s shows have pio­neered, the any­thing of life going on, regard­less of what hap­pens to indi­vid­u­als. The last shot of the last episode of sea­son four of “The Wire,” the inter­sec­tion out­side Bunny’s(…)

Shallow Water, Oh Mama” and “Smoke My Peace Pipe”

Catch­ing up with Treme just in time for a new episode tonight … … but before any dis­cus­sion of spe­cific things in the last two episodes, being away from writ­ing about it for a few weeks has me see­ing the larger pic­ture. The way the show has been writ­ten is really musi­cal in the sense(…)

At The Foot Of Canal Street”

The lat­est episode of Treme was back to a pur­pose­ful form after the drift of the pre­vi­ous one.  I’ve focussed on the char­ac­ter of Sonny before, because he has been an irri­tat­ing cipher, but now we’ve got­ten some impor­tant details about who and what he is and where he’s going; he’s a poseur and a(…)

Meet De Boys On The Battlefront”

This sec­ond episode of Treme felt like a bit of a let down from the open­ing one, for one spe­cific rea­son, the appear­ance of the street musi­cians Sonny and Annie.  Their two scenes were odd and seemed mis­placed and even super­flu­ous.  There may be a rea­son for them, yet unclear, but they seem point­less. Sonny(…)