Ingram Marshall

Lions In Winter

187 years total, Photo by Jon Simon Did Elliot Carter ever babysit Pierre Boulez? It’s pos­si­ble, con­sid­er­ing that Boulez is only 85 years old this year, while Carter fin­ished his 102nd year on earth Decem­ber 11. Carter was in the audi­ence this past Mon­day at Miller The­ater for a Por­trait of the younger man. It was(…)

Time and Place, and Space

Pre­vi­ously I have men­tioned a piece of music that was impor­tant to my own com­pos­ing, and putting my actions where my lazy-ass blog­ger ways are, I went out last night to catch a per­for­mance of Ensem­ble ACJW at Zankel Hall. I’m always striv­ing to hear, live, music that is impor­tant to me, and this entire(…)

How Composers Learn, Part 1

In the process of apply­ing for PhD pro­grams in the fall, I exchanged email with a for­mer teacher of mine at the San Fran­cisco Con­ser­va­tory. At one point he wrote some­thing, in the prospect of pos­si­ble future con­so­la­tion, that struck me as intu­itively true: I don’t think I learned any­thing from my alleged com­po­si­tion teachers…(…)