Issue Project Room

Time of the Season

Giving can be hard, exhausting, maybe it’s best to leave it to the holiday seasons, then, when the culture as a whole concentrates on giving. If are thinking about what to give, and to whom, think about ISSUE Project Room. Your support would be most welcome this year, because not only will they be incurring(…)

In the News

ISSUE Project Room has announced their new publishing imprint, Distributed Objects, which will be producing recordings and “written documents” covering the types of experimental music and performance that is their forte. The primary focus will be work that comes out of ISSUE’s Artist-in-Residence program, but there will also be historical materials. The first release, set(…)

Forgotten New York

There was enough sense of disorganization, real or imagined, so that the music that was in the clubs, on tapes, available at the New Music Distribution Service or the old Lunch For Your Ears, had a surprise to it, the feeling that the cats just happened to turn the corner of Avenue C and hey, what’s going on, we got this gig, you want to play too? … While other musicians with roots in the downtown scene have gone on to build conglomerations based in glibness, increasingly self-referential, gestural and jejune, on Abstraction Distraction, Sharp has done, almost casually, what many others try and do with great effort and never quite succeed at; he’s made a record of truly abstract funk, all by himself, using electronics to support his impressive tenor and soprano sax playing.

Bop Till You Drop

At the end of these short days in December, there are nights full of great music. Try and get out and catch some of this stuff (none of it holiday music!): Read this great little piece about Steven Blier then go see him at the New York Festival of Song program Manning the Canon .(…)

Go See: Brooklyn 2010-11 And More

A lot of what I see and recommend is in Manhattan because that’s where some great performing organizations and venues are. But too much of Manhattan is stuck permanently in the 1980s, with cock-of-the-walk financial and real estate types running things, and running them into the ground. Brooklyn is great on its own, and by(…)

The Radical Simplicity Of The Avant-Garde

Landmarks tell us where we are, they help us get to where we’re going. They appear differently to us depending on our distance and angle, and it is that relation which orients us. No matter how concrete and specifically defined they are as objects, their meaning and function are mainly subjective and relative. In Brooklyn,(…)

Hotter Than July

Forgive the clever title, but after the ridiculous, oppressive heat of May and June, every cell in my body is telling me that it’s now October. Of course, it’s July, and that will be more than obvious next week when the predicted temperatures in New York City will be in the mid-90s. But it snowed(…)

Next To Nothing

This Friday evening, in a small room in an appropriately still industrial part of New York City, Ensemble Pamplemousse and David Grubbs will present some of the unique and important music of Luc Ferrari. The modest $10 ticket returns two New York City premieres and a screening of a film on the composer, made with(…)

Feldman String Quartet #2

I tweeted from the event itself, Ne(x)tworks inaugurating the new Issue Project Room space with the six hour Morton Feldman String Quartet No. 2.  If you missed it, or missed the live audio, Q2 has the stream up now.  Just let time stop . . .