Can Jazz Survive . . .

Bad, hectoring, scolding writing? Seriously, this kind of article is invariably a mistake, a set of generational assertions that rely on nothing more than personal anecdote and prejudice. Are we still in awe of the supposed ‘multitasking skills’ of all generations that succeed ours? There’s no thinking, just complaining. Jazz will survive many generations, as(…)

Top Tunes

Here’s a playlist of a select top tracks from downloaded 2009 music.

Interstitial Music

I put together a playlist for a friend, and though it was good enough to share with the world. Modest to a fault.

Summer Bargains

An ad hoc followup to the post on eMusic’s new pricing plan, now that I’m browsing music at iTunes more, I’ve found some interesting bargains; Nikolaus Harnoncourt’s excellent Beethoven symphonies set is available for $14.99, and Chris Anderson’s “Free” is a free audiobook. That’s appropriate!

On The Pleasure of Overhearing One's Neighbors

As I write this, I should be doing something more productive, socio-economic wise. I’m sitting in one of the generously comfortable Aeron chairs at the New York Library for the Performing Arts, listening to someone else’s music . . . I had come to do a number of things; escape from my unheated apartment (more(…)