Can Jazz Survive . . .

Bad, hec­tor­ing, scold­ing writ­ing? Seri­ously, this kind of arti­cle is invari­ably a mis­take, a set of gen­er­a­tional asser­tions that rely on noth­ing more than per­sonal anec­dote and prej­u­dice. Are we still in awe of the sup­posed ‘mul­ti­task­ing skills’ of all gen­er­a­tions that suc­ceed ours? There’s no think­ing, just com­plain­ing. Jazz will sur­vive many gen­er­a­tions, as(…)

Top Tunes

Here’s a playlist of a select top tracks from down­loaded 2009 music.

Interstitial Music

I put together a playlist for a friend, and though it was good enough to share with the world. Mod­est to a fault.

Summer Bargains

An ad hoc fol­lowup to the post on eMusic’s new pric­ing plan, now that I’m brows­ing music at iTunes more, I’ve found some inter­est­ing bar­gains; Niko­laus Harnoncourt’s excel­lent Beethoven sym­phonies set is avail­able for $14.99, and Chris Anderson’s “Free” is a free audio­book. That’s appropriate!

On The Pleasure of Overhearing One’s Neighbors

As I write this, I should be doing some­thing more pro­duc­tive, socio-economic wise. I’m sit­ting in one of the gen­er­ously com­fort­able Aeron chairs at the New York Library for the Per­form­ing Arts, lis­ten­ing to some­one else’s music … I had come to do a num­ber of things; escape from my unheated apart­ment (more Bohemian than(…)