Kyle Gann

Academic Speaks Truth

This: I have to start out with Schoen­berg, and for me, to start with Schoen­berg already puts every­thing on the wrong track. (If this offends you, read fur­ther at your own risk, because it’s only down­hill from here.) The assump­tion of Schoenberg’s impor­tance, given the con­tin­u­ing unpop­u­lar­ity of his music, is founded on the further(…)


This post from Kyle Gann. He puts into dif­fer­ent words, and thus a use­ful per­spec­tive, some of the aspects of con­tem­po­rary music that I have issues with. The tech­ni­cal detail, espe­cially this: I keep hear­ing new operas that, to my ears, all keep mak­ing the same mis­take. Namely: it sounds like the com­poser writes the(…)