Metropolitan Opera

The Troubles With Opera

… It’s bad enough the company has such severe financial problems that they threaten disintegration. It’s worse that these problems were caused by supposed lovers of opera and are now being exacerbated by people who should know better, who should know what opera is yet instead demand their “Opera,” in all it’s trappings, a course that would surely sink the company as quickly as a gold bar placed on a balsa wood raft…

Spox Vox Reax

The line up for the 2011-12 season of the Metropolitan Opera is out, and it’s surprising. The Met is the Met, and their strengths are their own, so it’s not a disappointing season to me. Opera has a broad range and I expect the outlying parts to be filed in by City Opera and other(…)

Catch "The Drift"

Starting today and every Wednesday, check out my new blog space that the people at ClassicalTV were kind enough to offer me. This will be mainly classical, non-technical things, and I’m looking forward to being a contributor there. First up, Debussy at the Met.

Go See: Opera 2010-11

If you love or are even interested in opera, the Metropolitan Opera and City Opera are self-recommending. Taken together, the two institution put a lot of work on stage and effectively cover most of the history of the form. The question isn’t whether to go, but what to see? The big event this year at(…)

Bright Futures

For creative, challenging music-making and culture, Lincoln Center may just be the place to be over the next few years. The plaza is redone and is both gorgeous and welcoming, City Opera is back and hopefully off life-support, the New York Philharmonic is almost entirely transformed as an institution from where it was even two(…)

More Hard Copy

The February issue of The Brooklyn Rail is now available at bookstores and the like, but you can read my article on the Metropolitan Opera right here. It’s got a carefully calibrated insult of Franco Zeffirelli!

Nights At The Opera

My first of two articles on the Metropolitan Opera’s fall season is now available in The Brooklyn Rail.


A recent rant by classical music gossip Norman Lebrecht makes me wonder just what all his fuss is about. A complaint that the Metropolitan Opera does not produce the most cutting edge work is both absolutely correct and absolutely meaningless. The Met is dedicated to the entire tradition of opera and is already demonstrating that(…)

"Thank you sir, may I have another?"

“The Met made the evening news.” Indeed it did, in the only way anything in the high arts could make the evening news, by becoming juicy gossip. The story is that the audience booed the opening night production of “Tosca.” Please note, they booed the production, not the singers or musicians. The new Met director,(…)

Opera for the Unemployed

Friends, are you like me? Out of work, no prospects in sight, slowly but surely spiraling down into an economic, social and psychological abyss? Yet still hankering not just for entertainment but for the grand display of opera? Then I have a deal for you! Starting tomorrow night, Lincoln Center hosts outdoor HD screenings of(…)