Consumer Reports

This entry is part 6 of 19 in the series Con­sumer Reports

This entry is part 6 of 19 in the series Con­sumer Reports­Be­cause it’s the time of year you should also spend some money on your­self, here’s another Con­sumer Reports … Theodor Cur­rentzis’ excel­lent, refresh­ing record­ing of Le Nozze di Figaro has a spot on my top clas­si­cal record­ings for 2014, and if that inter­ests you(…)

The Mozart-ologue

(A review of New York City Opera’s Cosí fan tutte, and a dia­logue with Olivia Giovetti) Dear Olivia: Now that I’ve seen New York City Opera’s new pro­duc­tion of Cosí fan tutte, I’m caught up with you, and I’ve also quickly found myself in a sim­i­lar posi­tion. I have a one-word take­away: excel­lent. We have(…)

Jordi Savall, La Capella Reial De Catalunya, Le Concert Des Nations: Mozart, Requiem

[amazon_enhanced asin=“B004DY5B2Q” /]Jordi Savall is one of the lead­ing music-makers of any kind in all the world. The range of his accom­plish­ments is beyond those of mere mor­tals; a vir­tu­osic, impro­vis­ing gamba player, a con­duc­tor, musi­col­o­gist and impres­sario, every­thing he does bal­ances ambi­tion and accom­plish­ment, intel­lec­tual inves­ti­ga­tion and sim­ple plea­sure. His musi­cal val­ues come together(…)

Baby Playlist #1

Mozart Sonatas K332/300k, K333/315c, K457 Die Zauber­flöte (rec­om­mended record­ing ) John Adams; Grand Pianola Music Steve Reich: Vari­a­tions for WInds, Strings and Key­boards, Music for Mal­let Instru­ments, Voices and Organ, Six Pianos UPDATED: Now with cute pic­ture of baby as Eustace Tilley

September Songs

I don’t have the stan­dard rec­om­mended list­ings this month; since the per­form­ing sea­son gets its offi­cial start, I’ll be doing some indi­vid­ual posts on dif­fer­ent orga­ni­za­tions, what they’ve been doing and what they have com­ing up. Expect the usual sus­pects, i.e. City Opera, the Phil, Miller The­ater, Issue Project Room … I do want to(…)


Mozart’s music has excel­lent and envi­able social skills — that is one of its aes­thetic val­ues. At it’s best, it seeks to please not by pan­der­ing or being super­fi­cially agree­able, but by sin­cerely express­ing charm, flu­ency, curios­ity, empa­thy, humor and the dis­play of com­mon bonds. It is dig­ni­fied but never stiff, it is witty and(…)

Somewhat Mozart

It’s a first for me, actu­ally attend­ing a Mostly Mozart event. In the past, I had never been inter­ested in it. It was inau­gu­rated with the aes­thetic of Mozart as palat­able, easy-listening type music, meant to pro­vide low energy charm for a mid­sum­mer evening’s snooze in the air-conditioned con­cert hall, and unfor­tu­nate cul­tural aspect of(…)