New York City Opera

Video of the Week

City Opera brings Anna Nicole to BAM, open­ing Sep­tem­ber 17.

The Test of Time

If George Steel had said “I told you so” at the press event announc­ing the New York City Opera 2012–13 sea­son, I don’t think any­one would have begrudged him. Of course, he’s far too charm­ing, smart and gra­cious for that. But what he did say had the same effect: that the com­pany was on track(…)

The Mozart-ologue

(A review of New York City Opera’s Cosí fan tutte, and a dia­logue with Olivia Giovetti) Dear Olivia: Now that I’ve seen New York City Opera’s new pro­duc­tion of Cosí fan tutte, I’m caught up with you, and I’ve also quickly found myself in a sim­i­lar posi­tion. I have a one-word take­away: excel­lent. We have(…)

Back at City Opera

New York City Opera is back, and I’ve been back there; my review of the first two pro­duc­tions,La Travi­ata and Prima Donna, is up at Seen and Heard International.

Winter Music

In a Jan­u­ary with­out snow, there’s not much excuse not to get out of the house. And after what amounted to a long, lan­guid pause from Christ­mas through the first week of the new year, there are enough entic­ing events to plan for that no one, myself included, will be able to make it to(…)

The Troubles With Opera

… It’s bad enough the com­pany has such severe finan­cial prob­lems that they threaten dis­in­te­gra­tion. It’s worse that these prob­lems were caused by sup­posed lovers of opera and are now being exac­er­bated by peo­ple who should know bet­ter, who should know what opera is yet instead demand their “Opera,” in all it’s trap­pings, a course that would surely sink the com­pany as quickly as a gold bar placed on a balsa wood raft…

Heckuva Job

Hav­ing Boards of Direc­tors for orches­tras, opera com­pa­nies and the like has come to seem a ter­ri­ble idea. Cap­i­tal­ism through the last two gen­er­a­tions in Amer­ica has clearly entered an exceed­ingly deca­dent phase, and for some rea­son the same paragons of this deca­dence are seen as the proper peo­ple to, in a fun­da­men­tal way, over­see the exis­tence of arts orga­ni­za­tions. The cur­rency of Boards is pres­tige, the medium of pres­tige is money, and the result is the Philadel­phia Orches­tra and, espe­cially, City Opera are in peril.

Comedy And Madness

If it wasn’t for com­edy and mad­ness, would opera exist? What is it that could drive peo­ple away from speech and towards singing in such a way that would not only be accept­able as a premise but nat­ural? It takes a cer­tain level of absurdity …

Top 10 Musical Events 2010

1. A Quiet Place at City Opera: I can think of noth­ing that bet­ter rep­re­sents the pur­pose, impor­tance and spe­cial­ness that is New York City Opera. It’s one thing to res­ur­rect and present a for­got­ten or neglected work, and there is an inher­ent cura­to­r­ial inter­est in that. But to take a reviled work and, through(…)


That City Opera is pre­sent­ing the belated New York City pre­miere of Leonard Bernstein’s A Quiet Place is notable and impor­tant as an event. That the work itself, and the pro­duc­tion, are so pow­er­fully affect­ing makes it one of the most mem­o­rable and aes­thet­i­cally sat­is­fy­ing nights at the opera in mem­ory. © Carol Rosegg A(…)