New York City Opera

Video of the Week

City Opera brings Anna Nicole to BAM, opening September 17.

The Test of Time

If George Steel had said “I told you so” at the press event announcing the New York City Opera 2012-13 season, I don’t think anyone would have begrudged him. Of course, he’s far too charming, smart and gracious for that. But what he did say had the same effect: that the company was on track(…)

The Mozart-ologue

(A review of New York City Opera’s Cosí fan tutte, and a dialogue with Olivia Giovetti) Dear Olivia: Now that I’ve seen New York City Opera’s new production of Cosí fan tutte, I’m caught up with you, and I’ve also quickly found myself in a similar position. I have a one-word takeaway: excellent. We have(…)

Back at City Opera

New York City Opera is back, and I’ve been back there; my review of the first two productions,La Traviata and Prima Donna, is up at Seen and Heard International.

Winter Music

In a January without snow, there’s not much excuse not to get out of the house. And after what amounted to a long, languid pause from Christmas through the first week of the new year, there are enough enticing events to plan for that no one, myself included, will be able to make it to(…)

The Troubles With Opera

… It’s bad enough the company has such severe financial problems that they threaten disintegration. It’s worse that these problems were caused by supposed lovers of opera and are now being exacerbated by people who should know better, who should know what opera is yet instead demand their “Opera,” in all it’s trappings, a course that would surely sink the company as quickly as a gold bar placed on a balsa wood raft…

Heckuva Job

Having Boards of Directors for orchestras, opera companies and the like has come to seem a terrible idea. Capitalism through the last two generations in America has clearly entered an exceedingly decadent phase, and for some reason the same paragons of this decadence are seen as the proper people to, in a fundamental way, oversee the existence of arts organizations. The currency of Boards is prestige, the medium of prestige is money, and the result is the Philadelphia Orchestra and, especially, City Opera are in peril.

Comedy And Madness

If it wasn’t for comedy and madness, would opera exist? What is it that could drive people away from speech and towards singing in such a way that would not only be acceptable as a premise but natural? It takes a certain level of absurdity . . .

Top 10 Musical Events 2010

1. A Quiet Place at City Opera: I can think of nothing that better represents the purpose, importance and specialness that is New York City Opera. It’s one thing to resurrect and present a forgotten or neglected work, and there is an inherent curatorial interest in that. But to take a reviled work and, through(…)


That City Opera is presenting the belated New York City premiere of Leonard Bernstein’s A Quiet Place is notable and important as an event. That the work itself, and the production, are so powerfully affecting makes it one of the most memorable and aesthetically satisfying nights at the opera in memory. © Carol Rosegg A(…)