New York Festival of Song

Spox Vox Reax

The line up for the 2011-12 season of the Metropolitan Opera is out, and it’s surprising. The Met is the Met, and their strengths are their own, so it’s not a disappointing season to me. Opera has a broad range and I expect the outlying parts to be filed in by City Opera and other(…)

Singing, Part One

It’s nonsensical that those who claim to be defending marriage, which of course is not even under attack, seek to do so by limiting the number and kind of people who may join in it. They would prefer marriage to be like a country club, and limit admittance from the wrong kind of people. Their(…)

Bop Till You Drop

At the end of these short days in December, there are nights full of great music. Try and get out and catch some of this stuff (none of it holiday music!): Read this great little piece about Steven Blier then go see him at the New York Festival of Song program Manning the Canon .(…)