2011 Year’s Best Pop Styles

2011 best pop music of the year …

OK Composer

Victoire’s darkly lovely Cathe­dral City starts with hushed elec­tric piano, then burst open darkly with snaking, inter­twined vio­lin and clar­inet lines. That descrip­tion reveals very lit­tle of how much this record­ing makes me think of Radiohead’s Kid A, in all the best ways (for a com­pan­ion dis­cus­sion of this, and the usual con­text, see my(…)

The Big City On TV

Actu­ally, not on TV but at Clas­si­cal TV.  My first arti­cle for them, “On The Myth of ‘Dif­fi­cult’ Music,” is up and on their front page.  More to come from me at that site, and hope­fully the begin­ning of a beau­ti­ful friendship.


You might believe these things you say!” Gen­er­ally, one hopes peo­ple mean what they say, but there are cer­tain times when gen­er­ous think­ing would mean hop­ing that peo­ple don’t nec­es­sar­ily do so. Take Matt Fried­berger, of the Fiery Fur­naces. It’s one thing to con­fuse Harry Partch with Harry Patch, and when I first saw the(…)

Back to the Boards

Radio­head has another remix project going on, this one for their song “Reck­oner.” I’ve uploaded my ver­sion — give it a lis­ten here, and, as always, vote early and often!

Radiohead and Me

A gen­tle plea, dear Reader(s): I’ve added my own mix to Radiohead’s oppor­tu­nity for remixes of their song “Nude” from their new In Rain­bows record­ing. You can lis­ten to it here, and vote that it’s your favorite! Voter early, and often! Or, at least early. It was fun to do. Unfor­tu­nately, the limit for file size(…)