2011 Year's Best Pop Styles

2011 best pop music of the year …

OK Composer

Victoire’s darkly lovely Cathedral City starts with hushed electric piano, then burst open darkly with snaking, intertwined violin and clarinet lines. That description reveals very little of how much this recording makes me think of Radiohead’s Kid A, in all the best ways (for a companion discussion of this, and the usual context, see my(…)

The Big City On TV

Actually, not on TV but at Classical TV.  My first article for them, “On The Myth of ‘Difficult’ Music,” is up and on their front page.  More to come from me at that site, and hopefully the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


“You might believe these things you say!” Generally, one hopes people mean what they say, but there are certain times when generous thinking would mean hoping that people don’t necessarily do so. Take Matt Friedberger, of the Fiery Furnaces. It’s one thing to confuse Harry Partch with Harry Patch, and when I first saw the(…)

Back to the Boards

Radiohead has another remix project going on, this one for their song “Reckoner.” I’ve uploaded my version – give it a listen here, and, as always, vote early and often!

Radiohead and Me

A gentle plea, dear Reader(s): I’ve added my own mix to Radiohead’s opportunity for remixes of their song “Nude” from their new In Rainbows recording. You can listen to it here, and vote that it’s your favorite! Voter early, and often! Or, at least early. It was fun to do. Unfortunately, the limit for file(…)