Signal: Glassworks

This is a strange record­ing. What­ever one thinks of Glass’ music, it has an under­ly­ing, almost phys­i­cal, energy that comes out clearly in every live per­for­mance I’ve wit­nessed or heard in record­ing. And the com­bi­na­tion of one of the lead­ing new music ensem­bles, Michael Ries­man and the friendly con­fines of Le Pois­son Rouge, should be(…)

Songs Of Innocence And Of Experience

In 1966, Ornette Cole­man recorded his album The Empty Fox­hole, accom­pa­nied by Char­lie Haden on bass and his own son, Denardo Cole­man, on drums. Denardo was ten years old. His play­ing is truly impres­sive, not in the sense of his being a prodigy but that by that time he had already been play­ing the drums(…)