Sunn O)))

Are You Out There?

Out there with me, on the edge? This is a special request to those of you who love avant-garde and experimental music, because I’m out there with you. One of the things that makes this blog unique is the deep care and thinking and insight into some of the most unusual and extreme music being(…)

Fortify Yourselves Accordingly

An item showed up in the Big City in-box yesterday that got my heart beating a little faster; the announcement of an early September show in the Blackened Music series, featuring Altar, a collaboration between Sunn O))) and Boris. Last year’s Sunn O))) show still lingers with me, and the effect in some ways grows(…)

First, The Sound

(not for the faint of heart or ear) To quote the great David St. Hubbins, “it’s such a fine line between stupid, and clever.” It’s also, in American culture, a fine line between the established and the avant-garde. The paragon of this are Sun Ra’s singles, which combine a sincere, straight-faced take on pop music(…)