Ted Hearne

2010 Top 10

Of all the music, of all kinds, released this year, these are my favorites, in alphabetical order: Die Zauberflöte, Mozart – René Jacobs, conductor, Akademie Für Alte Musik Berlin, RIAS Kammerchor; Daniel Behle, Marlis Petersen, Dainiel Schmutzhard, Sunhae Im, Anna-Kristiina Kaappola, Marcos Fink René Jacobs has finished his series of recordings of the mature Mozart(…)

Un-American Video

Now that you’ve read about Ted Hearne’s excellent Katrina Ballads, watch the video for “Barbara Bush 9.5.05,” made by the excellent Satan’s Pearl Horses.


Hardy Jackson, American Citizen There is political art, and there is art that is political. The former is art whose raison d’être is to make an argument about how society should be ordered or governed, the latter is art that has ideas and concerns beyond the political, but that has a content or context that(…)