The Bad Plus

I Aggregate Myself

The writ­ing con­tin­ues, even as a bought of viral mis­ery kept me pre­serv­ing my strength for things other than this blog. But I’ll be back in fight­ing trim soon. In the mean­time, I wrote my 100th col­umn for Clas­si­calTV, some­thing that came directly out of my wak­ing fever dreams, and the May issue of The Brooklyn(…)

Jazz: Semi-Top 10 For 2011

… I’m excited over what has been a bounty of new jazz, new play­ing, new think­ing, not only through this year but over the past few years. Aes­thet­i­cally, the music is as strong and vital as its ever been, and the music is also explor­ing its own his­tory in ways that are excit­ing, because there’s much more to jazz than Bird, Elling­ton and ‘60s era Blue Note. Lists aren’t the best way to han­dle this, but they are not ter­ri­ble and the prac­ti­cal con­sid­er­a­tion, at least for me, is that they help me craft some, hope­ful, coher­ence out of my usual con­fu­sion and fatigue. And so, in no par­tic­u­lar order (except what iTunes con­sid­ers alpha­bet­i­cal) are the 10 best 2011 jazz releases for the first half of 2011:

Cash For Stash

In addi­tion to my pre­vi­ous post, there’s a good hand­ful of new CDs com­ing out next Tues­day: A Sun Ra box set The record­ing of Rhys Chatham’s Crim­son Grail, from last year’s Dam­rosch Park per­for­mance (a lit­tle pricey con­sid­er­ing) A new CD from Theo Bleck­mann (more about it here) The lat­est from The Bad Plus A generous(…)

SPF Factor Zero

I’m enjoy­ing the accu­mu­lat­ing com­ments and blog dia­logue at A Blog Supreme, to which I’ve already con­tributed.  It’s espe­cially inter­est­ing to see which records show up on mul­ti­ple lists, and there are some con­sis­tent choices so far; The Bad Plus (a vari­ety of records), Vijay Iyer’s “in what lan­guage?” and Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society.(…)

You Know I’m Bad!”

So sang Michael Jack­son, 20 years ago. And damn right he was “bad!” Now, lately, sadly, he’s just bad. For all the bad­ness you need, the new resource is The Bad Plus. They come at you with a big, bad bang on their major label debut, These Are The Vis­tas. A clas­sic jazz piano trio(…)