The Kitchen

Use This News

Because it’s actually useful …. Steve Coleman, who has a strong record coming out soon, has made a substantial amount of his back-catalogue available for free. Download here, and while you’re doing so, read his eloquent words about it here. It’s important stuff. Book your travel plans. Lisa Bielawa’s ambitious Airfield Broadcasts will be performed(…)

Attention To Pay

If you don’t feel like showering me with dough during this stretch of Spring blegging, perhaps you’d might direct those dollars towards two of my favorite musicians, both of whom have performances over the next week. William Brittelle, who previously has made mad and magnificent pop music, has a new chamber music disc coming out(…)

You Know Where To Find Me

There are, of course, constant musical events in New York, and I never experience as many as I’d like. But I do have a list of upcoming events I’ll be attending, and I’m arrogant enough to think that makes them worthwhile for all! So, here’s the annotated selection: March 31 – April 4: MATA Festival(…)