The Kitchen

Use This News

Because it’s actu­ally use­ful …. Steve Cole­man, who has a strong record com­ing out soon, has made a sub­stan­tial amount of his back-catalogue avail­able for free. Down­load here, and while you’re doing so, read his elo­quent words about it here. It’s impor­tant stuff. Book your travel plans. Lisa Bielawa’s ambi­tious Air­field Broad­casts will be per­formed at(…)

Attention To Pay

If you don’t feel like show­er­ing me with dough dur­ing this stretch of Spring bleg­ging, per­haps you’d might direct those dol­lars towards two of my favorite musi­cians, both of whom have per­for­mances over the next week. William Brit­telle, who pre­vi­ously has made mad and mag­nif­i­cent pop music, has a new cham­ber music disc com­ing out next(…)

You Know Where To Find Me

There are, of course, con­stant musi­cal events in New York, and I never expe­ri­ence as many as I’d like. But I do have a list of upcom­ing events I’ll be attend­ing, and I’m arro­gant enough to think that makes them worth­while for all! So, here’s the anno­tated selec­tion: March 31 — April 4: MATA Fes­ti­val 2009(…)