Thomas Hampson

Speak, Memory

If it’s difficult at all to think of what to memorialize this Memorial Day, then start with Walt Whitman – today is the poet’s birthday.  The holiday began as Decoration Day, specifically to honor the Union dead in the American Civil War.  Whitman, who tended to so many wounded and dying soldiers, and created an(…)

CONTACT! Live Blogging; "Songs From Solomon's Garden"

9:27PM . . .  Schaefer and Gilbert are speaking prior to this last piece, with text in Hebrew from the Megillah . . . the great Thomas Hampson singing for the premier, Pintscher must be ecstatic . . . I would be; man-crush on Hampson is totally acceptable . . . Hampson even taller than(…)

CONTACT! Live Blogging, 1

Nicely mixed crowd, young and old coming in.  Haven’t spotted any of my fellow cranks . . . er, critics tonight.  There’s more Andriessen at Carnegie tonight, of course.  I had been planning on attending the Andriessen concert at Zankel Saturday night, but then this happened: But that’s what us live bloggers are for, to(…)

Adventurers Of The Intertubes

The second set of the New York Philharmonic’s CONTACT! series is going on this Friday and Saturday, and so it’s time once again to point out the interesting and imaginative things they are doing to develop new music, new audiences and new media. As teasers, the Phil has a set of videos of those involved,(…)