Thomas Hampson

Speak, Memory

If it’s dif­fi­cult at all to think of what to memo­ri­al­ize this Memo­r­ial Day, then start with Walt Whit­man — today is the poet’s birth­day.  The hol­i­day began as Dec­o­ra­tion Day, specif­i­cally to honor the Union dead in the Amer­i­can Civil War.  Whit­man, who tended to so many wounded and dying sol­diers, and cre­ated an(…)

CONTACT! Live Blogging; “Songs From Solomon’s Garden”

9:27PM …  Schae­fer and Gilbert are speak­ing prior to this last piece, with text in Hebrew from the Megillah … the great Thomas Hamp­son singing for the pre­mier, Pintscher must be ecsta­tic … I would be; man-crush on Hamp­son is totally accept­able … Hamp­son even taller than Gilbert, okay no more gos­sip, time for music(…)

CONTACT! Live Blogging, 1

Nicely mixed crowd, young and old com­ing in.  Haven’t spot­ted any of my fel­low cranks … er, crit­ics tonight.  There’s more Andriessen at Carnegie tonight, of course.  I had been plan­ning on attend­ing the Andriessen con­cert at Zankel Sat­ur­day night, but then this hap­pened: But that’s what us live blog­gers are for, to fill the gaps.(…)

Adventurers Of The Intertubes

The sec­ond set of the New York Philharmonic’s CONTACT! series is going on this Fri­day and Sat­ur­day, and so it’s time once again to point out the inter­est­ing and imag­i­na­tive things they are doing to develop new music, new audi­ences and new media. As teasers, the Phil has a set of videos of those involved, composers(…)