Unsilent Night


In case you missed it, and if you don’t mind, I’d like to draw your attention to Occupy Writers and my own, inadvertent, contribution. When Occupy Musicians was announced, I gladly signed up, but Daphne and Judd, who run the place, thought that one of my columns was more appropriate with the wordsmiths, and I’m(…)

Seasonal Music

That can only mean two things, of course: Unsilent Night – get to Washington Square about 6:45 on Saturday, with or without a boom box.  A holiday treat. This is also the season for mystery and ghost stories.  Indulge your interior experience at this wonderful S.E.M. Ensemble concert, with a program featuring Bach and Morton(…)

Bop Till You Drop

At the end of these short days in December, there are nights full of great music. Try and get out and catch some of this stuff (none of it holiday music!): Read this great little piece about Steven Blier then go see him at the New York Festival of Song program Manning the Canon .(…)

The Time Of The Season

What’s your idea of holiday music? For a lot of people, it’s this: That may be the worst song I’ve ever heard, be thankful I didn’t embed the album version. And before you say anything, there is no competition from Wham! They lack the completely inappropriate hard-rock bludgeon. Or, there’s Senator Orrin Hatch’s new Hanukkah(…)