Unsilent Night


In case you missed it, and if you don’t mind, I’d like to draw your atten­tion to Occupy Writ­ers and my own, inad­ver­tent, con­tri­bu­tion. When Occupy Musi­cians was announced, I gladly signed up, but Daphne and Judd, who run the place, thought that one of my columns was more appro­pri­ate with the word­smiths, and I’m(…)

Seasonal Music

That can only mean two things, of course: Unsi­lent Night — get to Wash­ing­ton Square about 6:45 on Sat­ur­day, with or with­out a boom box.  A hol­i­day treat. This is also the sea­son for mys­tery and ghost sto­ries.  Indulge your inte­rior expe­ri­ence at this won­der­ful S.E.M. Ensem­ble con­cert, with a pro­gram fea­tur­ing Bach and Mor­ton Feldman(…)

Bop Till You Drop

At the end of these short days in Decem­ber, there are nights full of great music. Try and get out and catch some of this stuff (none of it hol­i­day music!): Read this great lit­tle piece about Steven Blier then go see him at the New York Fes­ti­val of Song pro­gram Man­ning the Canon … at(…)

The Time Of The Season

What’s your idea of hol­i­day music? For a lot of peo­ple, it’s this: That may be the worst song I’ve ever heard, be thank­ful I didn’t embed the album ver­sion. And before you say any­thing, there is no com­pe­ti­tion from Wham! They lack the com­pletely inap­pro­pri­ate hard-rock blud­geon. Or, there’s Sen­a­tor Orrin Hatch’s new Hanukkah song(…)