It’s with a fris­son of both plea­sure and dread that I enjoy the expe­ri­ence of see­ing spec­u­la­tive ideas of dystopia start to form in the lived fir­ma­ment, it’s one of the rea­sons I rec­om­mend annual read­ings of “Snow Crash” (‘bur­b­claves, the Raft) and “Crypto­nom­i­con” (Wik­iLeaks). One of the great and tragic ele­ments of Gary Shteyngart’s(…)


Today would have been John Cage’s ninety-eighth birth­day, and it is sad he is no longer with us. It’s also sad that the sub­stance of his work and ideas is over­shad­owed by the myth and leg­end of the man. We could use more of the sub­stance, espe­cially to spread it like a balm on those(…)

I Didn’t Want To Do This

He’s an obvi­ous idiot and a boor, so there’s no need to point out any­thing more about Jay Nordlinger. I was directed to his com­plaint about ser­ial music via Roy Edroso, and for the most part it’s easy and fun to mock. I mean, is he actu­ally a music critic? Because he doesn’t get out(…)