It’s with a frisson of both pleasure and dread that I enjoy the experience of seeing speculative ideas of dystopia start to form in the lived firmament, it’s one of the reasons I recommend annual readings of “Snow Crash“ (‘burbclaves, the Raft) and “Cryptonomicon“ (WikiLeaks). One of the great and tragic elements of Gary Shteyngart’s(…)


Today would have been John Cage’s ninety-eighth birthday, and it is sad he is no longer with us. It’s also sad that the substance of his work and ideas is overshadowed by the myth and legend of the man. We could use more of the substance, especially to spread it like a balm on those(…)

I Didn't Want To Do This

He’s an obvious idiot and a boor, so there’s no need to point out anything more about Jay Nordlinger. I was directed to his complaint about serial music via Roy Edroso, and for the most part it’s easy and fun to mock. I mean, is he actually a music critic? Because he doesn’t get out(…)