Walt Whitman

Singing, Part One

It’s non­sen­si­cal that those who claim to be defend­ing mar­riage, which of course is not even under attack, seek to do so by lim­it­ing the num­ber and kind of peo­ple who may join in it. They would pre­fer mar­riage to be like a coun­try club, and limit admit­tance from the wrong kind of peo­ple. Their(…)

Hotter Than July

For­give the clever title, but after the ridicu­lous, oppres­sive heat of May and June, every cell in my body is telling me that it’s now Octo­ber. Of course, it’s July, and that will be more than obvi­ous next week when the pre­dicted tem­per­a­tures in New York City will be in the mid-90s. But it snowed(…)

Speak, Memory

If it’s dif­fi­cult at all to think of what to memo­ri­al­ize this Memo­r­ial Day, then start with Walt Whit­man — today is the poet’s birth­day.  The hol­i­day began as Dec­o­ra­tion Day, specif­i­cally to honor the Union dead in the Amer­i­can Civil War.  Whit­man, who tended to so many wounded and dying sol­diers, and cre­ated an(…)