Zoe Keating


Unbe­liev­able: zoekeat­ing: Dear Lis­ten­ers, My hus­band Jeff has been sick with a mys­te­ri­ous illness…


What are we sup­posed to call new music? It’s not a new prob­lem (is Rhap­sody in Blue clas­si­cal, jazz or pop? Yes, yes it is), but it’s an increas­ing and increas­ingly com­plex prob­lem. Or to put it another way, it’s an increas­ingly sub­tle and sub­lime plea­sure. Zool­o­gists and astronomers seek the joy of find­ing a(…)

Life Is A Cabaret, My Friends

Hear­ing cham­ber music instru­ments in a more pop con­text is no acci­dent these days. It has a great deal to do with young musi­cians, brought up lis­ten­ing to pop music, train­ing at con­ser­va­to­ries and want­ing to make music that’s both chal­leng­ing and enjoy­able. Twenty years ago, a cello or clar­inet appear­ing on a pop record(…)