The Joy of Radio

Nice article in today’s Times about WFMU, which is an excellent radio station. I myself proudly wear a hoodie, given to me by my wife, promoting WFMU with the slogan: “Eat Flaming Death, Fascist Media Bastards!” I perked up a bit when I ran across the name Ergo Phizmiz, because I have been listening in flabbergasted joy to his record Perpetuum Mobile, and am running over with thoughts about it. Post on that to come soon.

I disagree with Jim Jarmusch, though: WKCR is the greatest radio station on earth. The steady, informative love and brilliance of Phil Schaap, three hours of Dexter Gordon on Wednesday, music composed in 1974 a week or so ago – nothing like coming in to the apartment and hearing I Am Sitting in a Room on the radio. There’s a lot of recordings I hear on the radio that I also own, but it’s special to hear them being broadcast, with that extra helping of serendipity and the feeling that you’re sharing your pleasures with others. It’s been a long held dream of mine to have a radio show, maybe I’ll just have to webcast it. Raise your hand if you’d listen.

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