Radiohead and Me

A gentle plea, dear Reader(s):

I’ve added my own mix to Radiohead’s opportunity for remixes of their song “Nude” from their new In Rainbows recording. You can listen to it here, and vote that it’s your favorite! Voter early, and often! Or, at least early.

It was fun to do. Unfortunately, the limit for file size is 5MB, and my first mix in Logic, which I think is quite good, came out too large. So I did a second mix in Garageband. For the exercise, I confined myself completely to the material in the song itself, and did some subtle reworking and displacement of the inner structure, and tried to emphasize what I hear as the tension and release of the tune.

Like I said, fun, especially since I love the band. But I would like to see a vote other than my own, so vote!