Lucky Penny?

That was fast . . . how long was Favre in camp with the Packers, five minutes?

It’s exciting for the Jets and their fans, of course. That team generally is a distant second to my beloved Jints in interest in the New York area, but now they should be watchable. It wasn’t just that they were awful last year, but that they were incredibly boring. They just may be exciting in ways their management doesn’t suspect.

With Favre and the current champions (authors of the most remarkable upset in NFL history), New York is currently the center of the football universe, where it joins jazz in that distinction. Even one of the great WKCR DJs, Sharif Adbus-Salaam, was jazzed about it last night!

It’s going to be good for some other team as well. Chad Pennington is actually a pretty damn good quarterback. It’s tough to look good when you spend a lot of time on your back, but that’s why good teams have good offensive lines – see the 2007 Giants – and bad teams don’t. I would also add that having a good offensive line makes a team exciting, because it means they can develop plays and drives and keep your eyes and mind interested. The guys at one of my new favorite blogs have more, and good arguments, but a team that can protect Penny will have really found something.


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