On The Pleasure of Overhearing One's Neighbors – Reprised

Through the wonders of modern technology, it’s actually possible for any of you, dear readers, to listen to some of the music I listen to. Via Simplifymedia, you can listen to my entire iTunes library through your own iTunes application and, if you have an iPhone, you can listen to all the non-DRM music. Download what you need from Simplifymedia, and send an email to “gtra1n” at “mac” dot “com” so I can invite you to join.


Author: gtra1n

I'm a composer and musician, and I write about music—I do that here, for the New York Classical Review, at the Brooklyn Rail (I edit the music section there) and any place else that will have me, like New Music Box and Music & Literature. I also wrote the Miles Davis' Bitches Brew book in the 33 1/3 series.