New York Philharmonic 2010/11 Live Blogging

12:16 – Zarin Mehta has finished his remarks about the first season’s successes, and pointed out that Thomas Hampson is here at the event as well.

12:17 – Gilbert is mentioning that along with announcing the 2010/11 season today, they are also working on the 2011/12 season, which demonstrates that one year for a performing arts organization equals about two years in human life.

12:18 – Next season begins with a Wynton Marsalis premiere, combining the Phil and Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.

12:19 – Triple Mahler anniversary year; 150th of birth, 100th of death, 100th of his leadership of the Phil.  Symphonies 5 and 6, Wunderhorn and Kindertotenlieder with Hampson, which will be awesome, on program.  Gerald Finley will also be performing Elijah, so they’ve got a new Rat Pack forming, with Baldwin and the singers.

12:22 – Magnus Linderberg is now taking the stage as Gilbert discusses last Saturday’s Clarinet Concerto performance.

12:22 – Lindberg; “The piece has already been played ten times on three continents, which is a luxury for a composer.”

12:26 – He’s now talking about the meaning and value of being the Composer-in-Residence, where he can work directly and consistently with the members of the orchestra, and that it’s something of a 19th Century idea.

12:27 – Lindberg is now talking about Kraft, which is a tremendous piece, and how he was excited by the punk rock music going on in Berlin in the 1980s, and how he feels it had an analogous impact to Debussy’s hearing of gamelan music for the first time.

12;29 – Gilbert has just mentioned something extremely exciting, which is that he is interested in programming more music, like Kraft, that makes use of instruments set in different spaces around the hall, including Stockhausen . . . Gruppen?!


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