New York Philharmonic 2010/11 Live Blogging

12:31 – The CONTACT! series will be doing Grisey!

12:31 – Gilbert is introducing a video from Anne-Sophie Mutter who will be the Artist-in-Residence.  The New York Phil has always had the resources to make use of the best talent, but now it’s also exploiting that talent in a constructive and exciting way.

[At this current pace, I will be unfortunately missing the end as I have to catch a train at Penn Station in less than an hour]

12:35 – Having an audience watch a video while live presenters are on stage, listening and waiting it out, is rather like attending a concert of electronic music . . .

12:36 – I believe Aaron Jay Kernis is here as well, and he has a premiere on the upcoming season.

12:41 – Alan Mangan, who’s name I’m botching, is talking about the Hungarian Festival, which makes the apt and imaginative connection between Haydn, Bartok and Ligeti.  That is perhaps the most incisive demonstration of the continuous line of history and development in classical music, how it continues to live in the imaginations of composers, listeners and musicians.  This is the key change at the Phil, and a profoundly important one.

12:42 – Time for The Big City to sign off.  And also a good time to think about getting tickets for next season.


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