The Russian Stravinsky, Part 1

My review of the fabulous opening concert of the Russian Stravinsky is now up at Seen and Heard.  More to come; I’ll be seeing the exciting program of Orpheus and Oedipus Rex this Friday.  In the meantime, tickets are still available for this great event, and there’s a nice video of Stravinsky artifacts on display in Avery Fisher hall.

2 thoughts on “The Russian Stravinsky, Part 1

  1. It was a great evening and it was wonderful to relive a beautiful, magical performance, particularly the Firebird through your description in the review. Look forward to exploring more Gergiev, especially the LSO and Mahler next season at Lincoln Center. Thanks for the ‘introduction.’

    • I would really recommend Gergiev’s recording with the Kirov Orchestra on Phillips. I listened to it often while writing the review and the only thing it lacks from the concert is that live edge, it’s a great recording.

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