I Didn't Want To Do This

He’s an obvious idiot and a boor, so there’s no need to point out anything more about Jay Nordlinger. I was directed to his complaint about serial music via Roy Edroso, and for the most part it’s easy and fun to mock. I mean, is he actually a music critic? Because he doesn’t get out much, it seems the last time he heard the New York Phil was last July 4, outdoors (is he that cheap too?), and he thinks that serial music still rules the musical world. Of course, he works for a publication dedicated to the proposition that 1953 was the best year imaginable, so it makes a certain poetic sense.

There is something that truly rubs me the wrong way though, and is not funny. How is it this nasty cretin is getting press releases from ICE and JACK Quartet, and I’m getting zilch from them?


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