Fortify Yourselves Accordingly

An item showed up in the Big City in-box yesterday that got my heart beating a little faster; the announcement of an early September show in the Blackened Music series, featuring Altar, a collaboration between Sunn O))) and Boris.

Last year’s Sunn O))) show still lingers with me, and the effect in some ways grows greater with each day. Their sound, so enormous and all-encompassing, might be the closest thing an adult can experience to being returned to the womb, and that the can literally reach out with sound and touch the inside of one’s body is fundamentally the highest achievement possible in music.

Once again, they’ll be at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple, which truly must be the loudest room in NYC. Actually, let me clarify that. I’m sure there are enclosed spaces which feature a lot of heavy machinery – the giant drill used to create the tunnel for the Second Avenue subway line for example – that are louder, but not ones dedicated to presenting music in an important, ritualistic way. Although impending fatherhood may make it impossible, I think I want to go there. Check it out for yourself, just remember that the live performance will be at 130db.

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