Pardon me, but OMFG the reporters, parents and officials quoted in this news story are not only idiots but frightened of anything that doesn’t already fit into their incredibly limited worldview.

Listening to any kind of music can lead to contemplative ecstasy, and music has the particular quality of being able to bring this out fairly easily in the quasi-isolated headphones listening situation. And if society is going to outlaw that type of stimulation, then they need to outlaw religion. Because that’s what the unspoken context is. The ‘harder drugs’ that this experience will likely lead to is religion, not, OMG!, pot. But this is the kind of religion that threatens the materialistic authoritarianism of Christianism, which is all about laying down secular rules and forgetting about the values, morals and philosophy of Christ. The story itself is from Oklahoma, anyone know if they allow dancing in that state? How about Bach?

[From Report: Teens Using Digital Drugs to Get High | Threat Level |]

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