Dream Mahler

There’s never enough Mahler, or, when you may think there’s enough, there’s something more about Mahler that you hadn’t imagined . . .

Deutsche Grammaphon has already released their fine Complete Mahler Edition, and now they are preparing, with some help, an additional Mahler Sympony box-set for November release. They call this one “The People’s Edition” because they are eliciting public opinion on the contents, so weigh in with your own Dream Mahler. I’m looking forward to what comes out of this process, which is something new in classical music marketing.

An added benefit is that DG/Decca/Phillips are bringing out of print titles from the back catalogue into circulation, at least temporarily. This is big news, because there are some great recordings in the vaults; the Mengleberg Fourth Symphony, the weirdly good Scherchen Seventh, a Václav Neumann Fifth and what looks to be an intriguing set from Christoph von Dohnányi and the Cleveland Orchestra. The site also allows you to stream the audio from these recordings while you’re making your own list.

Go vote, Mahler and the world need you! The cycle shaping up so far is decent but unsurprising, and unfortunately has the lifeless Abbado and Berlin Philharmonic Mahler Third, when there are many better ones to choose from.


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