August Fires

Now that it’s fall . . . uh, the month after the hottest July ever in New York, after the hottest June-July ever, after the hottest March-July ever . . . well, the temperatures are bearable. It’s usually a vacation month too, so when it comes to recommended music and things in New York City, I have one word for you . . .

Lincoln Center Out Of Doors

As with the summer policy I’ve tried to stick to, it’s free, varied and fun. Choose what you like, but I would especially recommend any and all appearances by the Asphalt Orchestra, a New York City New Music answer to a Second Line band, and Gamelan Galak Tika appearing with the Kronos Quartet on Friday the 13th. Their performance from the Bang On a Can Marathon is still ringing in my soul, and if you’re lucky, you might see me and Jeff Ziegler get into a fist fight. Fun!