The Failure Of Political Thinking, Continued

From the political press, we get some writing about facts and policy, and a vast amount more that is a combination of tracking sports standings and theatrical criticism.  Beyond the fact that the idea of informing the public about substantive matters has been abandoned, political writers are deeply awful theater critics.  Even the best of them, to wit Ezra Klein:

Last night’s Mad Men was probably the weakest of the season . . .

Bzzzt!  Mad Men has been amazing this season, each episode stronger than the last, and last night’s was no exception.  As Don appears to be in the process of imploding, having his own focus turn deliberately towards his own inner life, in hopes to save something, was fantastic.  But political thinking has no room for the internal.  Drama attempts to describe humanity, politics turns everything into an artificiality, without the saving grace of it being music.


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