Heckuva Job

Heckuva Job: “The Galtian Overlords who run the local orchestra are blowing all of their money on bankruptcy proceedings.

According to filings submitted for court approval, the case has so far cost the association more than $4.4 million: $3.2 million in legal and professional fees, and $1.25 million in a severance agreement with Peter Nero and the Philly Pops.

Just the annual salary of 20 or so musicians.

(Via Eschaton.)


Having Boards of Directors for orchestras, opera companies and the like has come to seem a terrible idea. Capitalism through the last two generations in America has clearly entered an exceedingly decadent phase, and for some reason the same paragons of this decadence are seen as the proper people to, in a fundamental way, oversee the existence of arts organizations. The currency of Boards is prestige, the medium of prestige is money, and the result is the Philadelphia Orchestra and, especially, City Opera are in peril.


What’s happening in Philadelphia is almost a singularity of this decadence. The Board values the privilege of executives and thinks money is the answer to everything. So, rather than helping the orchestra succeed at making great music, they think in terms of the privileges of expensive venues and well-compensated executive staff. Then, because they are not especially intelligent and certainly not creative, they do the only thing that they know, which is to higher lawyers and bankers. Myopia is not the right word for it, it’s a rote behavior that perhaps makes them seem like they are doing something, taking charge: Establishment Autism Syndrome.