Thank You, BAM

“You must be the hardest working man in show business!”

Much appreciated greetings from BAM when I picked up my press tickets for Atys last Saturday night. Thanks to BAM for making it worthwhile to work so hard. Spectacular, unforgettable performance.

My review will be elsewhere, but it cannot be mentioned often enough, or overstated, that this is arguably the finest realization of opera – any opera, all operas, the idea of opera – that I have ever experienced, and is one of the greatest things I have witnessed in my entire life (and I saw this, with Gergiev conducting, and this). Watch this segment from Act III, and if you don’t have the time, start off at 7:10 to see what opera really is, about what gesamtkunstwerk really means. DVD of this production will be out November 8.



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