In case you missed it, and if you don’t mind, I’d like to draw your attention to Occupy Writers and my own, inadvertent, contribution. When Occupy Musicians was announced, I gladly signed up, but Daphne and Judd, who run the place, thought that one of my columns was more appropriate with the wordsmiths, and I’m flattered and pleased that Jeff Sharlett agreed. Also, and as the RSS feed to “The Drift” continues to be broken, the latest entry is about the same idea of occupying public space with music, specifically with Unsilent Night. If you’re in New York this Saturday, come on down to Washington Square Park at 7pm, and if you have a boombox, get the music from the website.

In related links, don’t miss these fine posts from Paul Pelkonen, Alex Ross and Seth Colter Walls on the recent Occupation event at Lincoln Center, following the final performance for this season of Satyagraha. SInce I had expected to be in Avery Fisher that evening (another plan cut short by my prolonged illness), these writers gave me the experience that I missed.

Some on the intertubes have stumbled onto another venture I’m going to be involved in, with the Galapagos Art Space in DUMBO. This is going to happen, once we’ve cleared out some ridiculous and bedeviling technical issues. Stay tuned …


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