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The tinkering under the hood continues (it seems like it will never end, but it will, I promise, I think I’ve solved all my technical issues), and the music continues, so have some Friday links and miscellany:

  • ‘“After tax, that’s like, what, $75,000?” an investment banker at a rival firm said as he contemplated Morgan Stanley’s decision. He ran the numbers, modeling the implications. “I’m not married and I take the subway and I watch what I spend very carefully. But my girlfriend likes to eat good food. It all adds up really quick. A taxi here, another taxi there. I just bought an apartment, so now I have a big old mortgage bill.”’ Median household income in the US for 2006-2010 was $52,000. Asshole. (story is here if you can stomach it, corrective is here, and read Chris Lehman’s book).
  • I caught a set of Fred Hersch’s residency at the Village Vanguard this week, all the music is being recorded for a new release coming this September, and if the playing I heard was any indication, he’s going to have a difficult time deciding what to put on the disc, and it’s going to be terrific.
  • The Avant Music Festival is happening over the next several days, and there’s a Cage Marathon Saturday. See you there.

  • The music of Elliott Sharp made up two of my best events from 2011, and now you can share the experience with his self-released CD Occam’s Razor, preserving concert performances including JACK Quartet’s crushingly great one in Ostrava. This is a hand-numbered edition of 200, and Bruce at DMG told me last Sunday that there were still 185 left. Get it from them, it’s special.
  • In good conscience, I can only recommend two ways to ‘celebrate’ Valentine’s Day; Medieval polyphony from New York Polyphony, or Steven Blier and NYFOS presenting “A Modern Person’s Guide to Hooking Up and Breaking Up.”
  • The American Composers Orchestra has entered the world of digital releasing, which is exciting, and the latest collection from young composers is out Tuesday. Check for it at iTunes and Amazon.
  • The innovative Music/Words series is back, tonight, and Safe Space returns Monday with Jeremy Denk (who also writes) and James Wood.
  • And for the best price of all, gratis, you can experience the Talea Ensemble and singer Donatienne Michel-Donsac playing new music from Mittel Europa, including the charming and amazing Bernhard Lang.

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