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An intellectual is a man who says a simple thing in a difficult way; an artist is a man who says a difficult thing in a simple way.


Summer has just begun, and that means it’s not too soon to think about where you’ll be sitting in come the fall. The brochures and booklets are starting to arrive, and

  • Miller Theatre, always one of my favorite places, has got a series of Composer’s Portraits that for range and depth exceed event their high standards.
  • BAM has a new theater and is filling it with things for their Next Wave festival. The monolothic work, and worth admiring, is Einstein on the Beach, but they are also hitting the extreme points of range and breadth. For music alone, there’s So Percussion, Phil Kline and Theo Bleckmann and a silent movie from Ernst Lubitsch with music by Brooklyn’s own Numinous.
  • You won’t be getting a booklet, but mark your calendar’s for Petr Kotik’s festival of music from John Cage and his contemporaries. I have seen a lot of Cage performances so far this year, and keep track of all the centennial festivals, and this is the one to see, for both the programming and the musical and intellectual understanding.

    The Golden Record
    Mankind has breached the outer edge of our solar system, with some humble offerings of our particular genius. If you grew up wanting to be an astronaut, like me, it’s a poignant time.

    And if this hasn’t crossed one of your feeds, take the time to read on l‘affaire Emily White, or as I would call it, wisdom versus blithe ignorance.


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