April Appeal

Yes, I’ve got the hand out for the spring fundraising appeal, and I hope to keep the duration to April, since it’s the gtra1n’s birthday month. I’ve removed all the ads, permanently, and the only income this site will every enjoy is from you, the readers, directly or indirectly. You can help out directly with a one-shot donation through the PayPal button at the bottom, or by choosing to subscribe via the button on the top left sidebar on the home page. You can help indirectly by buying directly through the links in posts — if my praise or disdain convinces you to own a book or recording or something, please use the Amazon links in the posts, because as an affiliate I get a few coins, and you know I’m only trying to sell you on things that are worthwhile.

So if you’ve got a few coins you can spare, or something you really want to buy, please think about some support for The Big City. This site is not free to me, but it is free to you, and that means there’s value in it.



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