My Mind is on Vacation

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s a deep, long, slow vacation. There are frequent times when there are other non-remunerative/money-losing propositions I spend my time on, and the past few months I’ve been using the bulk of my thinking on making music (the long-term benefit for this site is that it improves my thinking and writing about other people’s music).

This is compounded by having no actual space to work in: my local shared workspace closes up during July and August (it’s a gallery space and so lacks the predominant capitalist values of busy-ness) and it’s Occupy Big Girl’s Room at home, so nothing is getting done there. That’s why I when I try and fundraise I really do mean that it keeps the blog going. Perhaps if the results weren’t so pathetic, I’d have more of them, but perhaps that’s your clever strategy all along!

There will be more, patience in direct proportion to value placed, please.


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