Music I Would Like to Hear

And if you want to hear it too, you can help make it happen. Josh Sinton’s superb Steve Lacy rep band, Ideal Bread, is holding a Kickstarter fundraiser to finance a new recording. Josh has transcribed material from Lacy’s 3CD set, Scratching the Seventies, one of the pinnacles of his substantial and important discography. The only thing left is to get into the studio and put the music on record.

There are a few Lacy bands out there, and several recordings of musicians playing his music, but Ideal Bread is the only one that captures the essential features of Lacy’s music, a logic that is deeply rooted in the jazz tradition and allows incisive freedom on top of an unerring foundation. It’s some of the smartest, swinging-est and most creative jazz there is. Ideal Bread pays tribute not through recreation but by expressing their own values through Lacy’s path.

They don’t need a lot, but they need your help. This isn’t some hipster bullshit tech-gadget or service, this is not a business looking to finance their commodified/commercialized disposable cool. This is musical art of the highest level, and I want to hear it. Plus, starting with $85, Josh will give you a wine lesson, which will pair nicely with the tunes.


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