Playlist, Oldies but Goodies

Recordings from the past few years that due to the demands of time and schedule I never gave full reviews, but are fine and enjoyable and recommended:

  • Gary Smulyan: Smul’s Paradise</em> – excellent, soulful, bluesy hard-bop from a musician’s musician.
  • Bill Laswell: Means of Deliverance – solo acoustic bass recording from Laswell, and an impressive compendium and synthesis of his interests. I find his range to be usually broad but shallow, this record is different, it’s deep and fascinating.
  • Jeff Lederer: Sun Watcher – if I could go back and do it again, this would be far and away the jazz poll winner for 2011. A stunningly great record that powers through jazz concepts ranging from free playing to atonality, done with heart and intelligence.