Let's Get Lost

While doing a little research (for a project I’m looking forward to announcing), I discovered that the concert archive Wolfgang’s Vault is now Concert Vault. They have exactly what I was looking for, and even better is that I got pleasantly sidetracked and found an excellent video of Jack Bruce and Friends playing the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, 1980.

This was an excellent band, led by Bruce, with Clem Clempson, David Sancious and Billy Cobham. I saw them in the fall of 1980, not un-coincidentally my very first rock show, which means of course that I remember it as being AWESOME. They put out one decent studio record, I’ve Always Wanted to do This, but they were excellent live, and seeing this video as an adult confirms what a strong band they were, and reminds me of the pleasure of hearing good musicians who can play with discipline and creative freedom, no matter the genre. Here’s a taste:


Author: gtra1n

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