Consumer Reports: Mahler Monday

This year is unusual in that there were no new Mahler recordings of note (although some important reissues, more on that in an upcoming post). On a personal level, I discovered the recent chamber reduction of the Symphony No. 9 through a great concert from the Argento Ensemble, but I can’t recommend the two extant recordings of that version, they are a combination of mannered conducting and mediocre, wan playing.

But this did catch my eye: David Zinman’s box set of Symphonies 1-10, including the Blumine movement and a full realization of Symphony No. 10, is currently at the unbeatable price of $26.89 at Amazon. This is not the best cycle, nor the worst. The playing is excellent, and the middle Symphonies are fine, overall it’s middle-of-the road. It will satisfy but perhaps not excite. But at this price, it’s more than worth getting, especially if you have a SACD player, because the sound is spectacular.

Mahler: Symphonies Nos. 1-10
Mahler: Symphonies Nos. 1-10

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